The Rangerettes, regular Texas college students, star as themselves in director Chip Hale’s documentary about the nation’s first precision dancing drill team. Started from scratch, the Rangerettes were the brainchild of a fiery little woman named Gussie Nell Davis. Conceived at first as a way to keep football spectators in the stands during halftime rather than drinking and brawling under them, the Rangerettes changed footballs halftime entertainment forever, and became the model for all precision dance teams in the country. Hale followed the team for a year, and was given unlimited access to a world only the Rangerettes themselves ever get to see. The story he tells is one of passion and determination as he follows five “Hopefuls” during pre-training and tryouts. Their greatest hope? To become members of the long red, white, and blue line.

To learn more about the Rangerettes, visit Rangerette.com

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